Prevent recalls in a single scan with our groundbreaking X-ray and metal detectable, magnet susceptible X-Spy Material.

We're stocked with material to make custom X-Spy Polyurethane connectors tailored to your needs. Siftex's groundbreaking X-Ray/metal detectable, magnetic susceptible X-Spy material can save you money. Fill out the form and get in touch with a representative who can help you find a solution that fits your process.

with Siftex X-Spy You can

Improve HACCP compliance and protect your brands

X-Spy is a proprietary group of polyurethane and rubber compounds used for flexible connecting sleeves, seamless rubber tubing, screen cleaning balls, film/sheet goods, conveyor belting and more. X-Spy compounds offer industry leading 3-way detection of plastic and rubber contaminants before they reach your customer and force a recall.

X-Spy Family

Custom Polyurethane connectors now available in Blue

Why Choose

X-Spy particles can’t hide from your x-ray detection equipment. Likewise, small X-Spy pieces are easily detected by metal detection equipment and magnetic traps. No other polyurethane or rubber compounds offer the level of detection and reduction of contaminant risk your HACCP program can achieve with X-Spy.

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Recall Highlights

  • Nearly 60% of companies have been impacted by food recalls (GMA)
  • Food recalls cost processors $10 million in direct costs on average (Food Marketing Institute)
  • 5% of companies incur >$100 million in direct and indirect costs. (GMA)
  • Foreign material contamination (>30%) is a top culprit for USDA recalls (USDA)
  • Plastic, metal, glass and rubber are the top foreign materials (USDA)
  • Food recalls due to rubber and plastic have doubled in recent years
  • 1 in 5 consumers affected by a recall will not buy a product from the impacted manufacturer (Harris)